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           A Note from Caleigh                     

As a professional ballet dancer, Pilates  instructor, yoga instructor, avid runner, and major adventure seeker, I strive to consistently push my mind and body to their limits. 

I enjoy motivating and encouraging others to get out there and MOVE their bodies, love their bodies, and to explore where their bodies can take them in this beautiful world.

I am someone who is constantly wondering "What's next?" and "How can I make a difference in people's lives for the better?" My history with the elite ballet world has led me become a fitness professional who promotes a healthy lifestyle because you are WORTH IT and not because society says you have to look a certain way.

The past five years that I have been teaching Pilates has been some of the most rewarding years of my life. 

But I want to take this further. 



Having been someone who has faced many challenges (like all of us in this life) ranging from depression and anxiety to an eating disorder, I pride myself on being authentically me. I believe that the world needs more people who are REAL and not putting up a front.

All this being said, my goal with Third Eye Wellness is to bridge the gap between Mind and Body. I see so many people exercising and going to yoga and doing this and that all so that they can fit into a size zero.

There is so much more to life than how we all look. Once people begin to realize the connection between their mind and body and get in touch with their Third Eye, I believe that this world would dramatically improve on multiple levels.

Third Eye Wellness will have blog posts and video posts covering fitness, health, nutrition, mind, body, soul, travel..etc. If there is a particular topic you want covered reach out me! I love taking requests on what YOU want to know more about!





Stott Pilates, Level 2 and Injuries Special Populations

Additional 500 hour Pilates Cert.

200 hour RYT- Yoga Alliance



Bachelors in Kinesiology in Progress-SDSU


Professional Ballet Dancer

Fitness Model

Education is not something you can finish
— Isaac Asimov



Born and raised in small town Murrieta, CA, Caleigh began her ballet training at Temecula Ballet under Aubrey Walker. There she was introduced to the Cecchetti Method which is a very meticulous and prestigous syllabus training for classical ballet dancers. Under Ms. Aubrey and Sylvia Palmer of Southern California Youth Ballet, Caleigh completed the Cecchetti Method Exams passing with all honors after 8 years of study.

Soon after, Caleigh began commuting to Orange County to train at what was then called Ballet Pacifica under scholarship. The school was run under Ethan Steifel, and the legendary Amanda McKerrow and John Gardner.

During her time at the school, Caleigh attended prestigous summer intensives such as Joffrey Ballet, Kaatsbaan, Orlando Ballet, Arizona Ballet, and Boston Ballet.

After spending three summers with Boston Ballet, Caleigh was invited to stay and train with the professional school under full scholarship. 

You can read the full newspaper article write up here.

She spent 2 years at Boston Ballet where she performed at the Boston Opera House in the Night of the Stars GalaNext Generation, and The Nutcracker. Caleigh learned works choreographed by George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, and William Forsythe, among many others.

While at Boston Ballet, Caleigh had the honor of working with underprivileged 3rd graders in the local Boston elementary schools through the program, City Dance. This program gave kids who otherwise would not have ever had the chance to dance the opportunity to come train at Boston Ballet for a few weeks. Caleigh was out in the schools giving presentations to the 3rd graders discussing what ballet is and even teaching them a short dance piquing their interest in the dance world and art.

Caleigh attributes this program as the reason she wanted to share her passion of teaching others to move their bodies whether it was ballet or Pilates, third graders or adults. 

Later she made the move to Connecticut Ballet as a company member where she performed in soloist roles Coppelia and Don Quioxte.

Her last stop of her legitimate professional career was ironically back in sunny California at City Ballet of San Diego. There she performed in Carmen, Swan Lake, and The Nutcracker.

Currently, Caleigh dances with Del Mar Ballet under the direction of Marie Arts. 



Caleigh was introduced to Pilates and yoga through her years as a professional dancer. She credits her first Pilates teacher, Peter Donohoe, a 3 time Olympian, for inspiring her to become more involved in the methodology. She trained with him for two years at Boston Ballet.

In January of 2011, she became a certified instructor through Club Pilates under Laura Browning and Allison Mains Beardsley with a 500-hour certification. In 2015 she completed Level 1 and Level 2 of the comprehensive STOTT Pilates program under Master Trainer Marshall Eklund. In 2016, she completed her 200-hour yoga training under Helen Coots. Caleigh has been teaching for the past five years instructing group classes, privates, workshops, and instructor trainings.

She has had the honor of working with people of all ages and abilities and prides herself on making Pilates and yoga accessible for clients of all skill levels. Caleigh has an extensive background of anatomy and bio-mechanics and enjoys working with those coming back from injuries, dealing with current injuries, and those having permanent disabilities.

Caleigh truly believes that the mind and body connection that is required in these practices can transform you into a person of full awareness which can assist in reforming, reshaping, and rebuilding your body from the inside out.


Come take a group Pilates class with me or book a private or semi-private!

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Privates &  semi-privates


  • recovering from injuries or surgeries

  • pre-natal or post-natal

  •  athletes looking to improve strength, flexibility, and overall agility

  •  requiring specially designed sport performance programming due to:

    •  orthopedic issues affecting the spine (degeneration, herniation, scoliosis)

    • shoulder, hip and knee injuries

Privates are a great compliment to those who want to deepen their practice of Pilates. Whether you are rehabilitating an injury or training for an upcoming triathlon, one on one sessions can help you reach your peak and have you functioning at a level like never before!


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