Carlsbad Strawberry Fields

Picking fresh fruits always brings me back to my roots!

Growing up in small town Murrieta, CA my family loved driving out to Oak Glen, CA to take advantage of the u-pick farms. We would pick everything from apples. raspberries, peaches, and strawberries. It was an enjoyable, yet usually exhausting day for the entire family, still it was always fun to make the drive to get a little closer to Mother Earth.

Fast forward to today, and now I live in San Diego. So Oak Glen is no longer a short jaunt away. Instead, I am about and hour and half away from Julian and even closer to the oldest strawberry farm in San Diego, Carlsbad Strawberry Company.

Located right off the 5 freeway, this place is the perfect daytime activity without the windy roads into Julian. Their fields are large enough that even on weekend days it does not feel overly crowded. The berries are phenomenally large and juicy. They offer a small bucket for $10 or an even larger bucket for $20. It's a fair price in comparison to the farms I grew up picking at.

The strawberries go great in a number of different recipes! Trust us you'll be dying to incorporate them in to all your meals because they are THAT good! We made white chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry salads, and strawberry margaritas! Yum!

So if you are looking for a fun date with friends or family, I highly recommend taking a trip to the Strawberry fields! Be sure to bring your sunscreen and a pair of shoes you do not mind getting a bit muddy!