Mt. Woodson (Potato Chip Rock)

Ah, Potato Chip Rock!

Never have I seen so many profile pictures on dating sites of this infamous rock! 

This incredibly popular hike is located in Poway, CA about 35 minutes North of San Diego. While I have done this hike a handful of times, I only have ever actually been able to strike a completely original yoga pose on it once. (LOL!)

Though so many people seem to make this hike one of their go-to's, Potato chip rock is not for the faint of heart. The beginning of the trail starts off with a nice stroll around Lake Poway and then suddenly turns in to a pretty intense ascent. The hike is not as intense as Three Sisters in the sense that you will not be crawling on hands and knees or using ropes to get up and down, however, it is still a pretty solid workout as the elevation gain of this hike is 1843 feet and the round-trip mileage is 6.7 miles. The path for the entire trail is not shaded so make sure you arrive early in the day if it is in the summer months!

As much as this hike is a little cliche, it is really fun and you will feel accomplished by the end of it. It has excellent 360 degree views from up top of the mountain of the city of Poway and Ramona. I highly recommend this trail to anyone who is looking to take their hiking to the next level and looking for a longer more challenging hike in comparison to Cowles Mountain.


If you are looking to get to take a new tinder picture on the chip, make sure you come during the week. Fridays and weekends tend to be the most popular days for this hike and the line to take a picture can be an hour or longer on some days!